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Vitamin E, 200 Softgels
Optimum Nutrition
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Introduction To Vitamin E


Reach Your Goals Effectively With Vitamin E*

Along with vitamin A, vitamin E helps seek out and destroy those unwanted free radicals.* Vitamin E is found in small amounts in many green leafy vegetables, but is also commonly found in bee pollen and royal jelly.

Because consistent training can lower one's defense against free radicals and fatigue, supplementing with Vitamin E is great for keeping your guard up.*

Read on to learn more about what vitamin E can offer you.


"E" Is For Everyone

Because vitamin E is a foundational supplement designed to support the immune system, it can be used for burning fat, building muscle, or maintaining general health by men and women.* Vitamin E is a small but important building block for any fitness goal!*

Stack E, C And Selenium For An Effective Supplement Plan*

Vitamin E works well when combined with vitamin C and selenium, so consider stacking all three together for best results. For daily consumption, 15 mg per day is normal. Toxicity is rare with high levels of vitamin E consumption, but always be sure to follow the package directions on any vitamin E product to make sure you are safely moving towards your fitness goal!