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SAMe, 400mg/30 Tablets
9.1 7 Reviews
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A Necessary Building Block!
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Double Strength SAMe 400, 60 Enteric Coated Tablets
Doctor's Best
9.6 5 Reviews
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Promotes Joint Health!*
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Double Strength SAMe 400, 30 Enteric Coated Tablets
Doctor's Best
9.6 5 Reviews
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Promotes Joint Health!*
CA$33.52 (CA$1.12 / Serving)
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Introduction To SAMe


The Building Block To Support A Long, Healthy Life*

SAMe (s-adenosylmethionine) is a naturally occurring longevity nutrient that can be produced by the body or chemically manufactured, and SAMe tends to decline with age.

Discovered in 1953, SAMe is a precursor to the substances spermidine and spermine and is manufactured in the body from the amino acid methionine. Due to its inherently unstable structure, SAMe is not found in significant quantities from dietary sources. Therefore, SAMe must be obtained through supplementation.

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The Athletic Advantage Is Yours

The general population may benefit from supplementing with SAMe as SAMe plays a key role in maintaining psychological health, and is a longevity nutrient.*

Athletes especially may benefit from SAMe's because it supports neurotransmitter balance, liver and cardiovascular function, and joint health.* SAMe may also neutralize estrogenic compounds and promote natural free testosterone levels to help with support skeletal musculature.*

It's best to use any SAMe product according to the directions on the label. Remember to speak to your healthcare physician about supplementing with SAMe.