Glutamine Peptides

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CellMass 2.0, 50 Servings
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Concentrated Post-Workout Recovery Powder*
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Defend BCAA Powder, 30 Servings
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2:1:1 Ratio Amino Recovery
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Introduction To Glutamine Peptides


Ideal Amino-Acid Support For Fast Muscle Building*

The difference between the pure amino acid L-glutamine and glutamine peptides is that L-glutamine is a "free form" amino acid, which means it's free from bonds to other amino acids, making it less stable.

Glutamine peptides on the other hand are not free form. Instead, they're bonded to other amino acids with peptide bonds. This makes them more stable and potentially better assimilated by the body.*

You may want to find a product that combines both L-glutamine and glutamine peptides as this may help ensure good uptake, absorption, and stability in the body.* It's believed that glutamine peptides promote healthy immune system function, fast muscle repair and lean muscle growth.*