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GABA With B6, 500mg/100 Veg Capsules
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Natural Calming Effect!
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Pro-GH, 612 Grams
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Sports Performance!*
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Promote Natural Fat Burning*

GABA is an acronym that stands for Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid. It's an amino acid, but it actually does not help build proteins like other big-name amino acids. Instead, GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps nerve impulses communicate; basically, GABA helps transmit nerve signals. GABA is naturally occurring in the human body. Supplementing with GABA may help you experience various benefits.* Find out more on the next page!


Deflate Your Spare Tire*

GABA is a great supporter of your nervous system and natural hormone production.* In fact, GABA may help support more restful sleep, relaxation and stable mood.* There's more: GABA supports healthy fat loss.* GABA is not a stimulant like other fat loss support products, but GABA may support production of hormones that help build lean muscle and blast fat!*

Who benefits from GABA supplementation? That's easy - bodybuilders, athletes, moms, men, women and just about everybody may benefit from supplementing with GABA! If you are looking for sleep support, natural hormone support and a boost to your fat loss efforts - GABA is a great choice!

Support A Better Body*

If you're ready to try GABA supplementation, here are some tips to help you see results. The recommended dose of GABA is 3-5 grams a day. It's best not to take GABA with a protein source because it could affect proper digestion.

If you take GABA to support fat loss, it's best to take it about 2 hours before going to bed.

GABA can be bought as a standalone supplement, or it can also be found in products like sleep aids, natural hormone support products, anti-aging products and some fat loss products.