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Calcium & Magnesium, 240 Softgels
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With Vitamin D
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Calcium & Magnesium, 120 Softgels
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With Vitamin D
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Coral Calcium, 1000mg/100 Vcaps
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Fossilized Coral Calcium!
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Bone Strength, 240 Capsules
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Supports Bone Health!*
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Cal-Mag Caps, 240 Capsules
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With Vitamin D!
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Coral Calcium Plus, 250 Vcaps
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With Magnesium And Vitamin D!
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Keto Shred, 40 Servings
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Premium thermogenic supplement to support weight management while in ketosis*
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Keto Boost, 15 Servings
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Made with goBHB to assist with getting into ketosis faster & more efficiently*
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Key Minerals, 120 Capsules
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Key Minerals Capsule For Supporting Total Body Health
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Introduction To Calcium


Support Your Body's Foundation

To ensure that you stay active for many years to come, you should focus on the keys to overall health and wellness: a balanced diet, a stable exercise program and a full spectrum of micronutrients to support you along the way. When you want to support bone health as part of your overall general wellness, you may want to look into calcium supplements.*

Not only is calcium helpful in maintaining healthy bone tissue, but calcium also plays a vital role in the high-energy muscular contraction that takes place each and every time you lift a weight or do resistance training.*

Keep reading for more information about Calcium's health benefits on the next page.

Count The Benefits!

Having sufficient calcium in your body will help you get the best intensity from your workouts. Calcium may also help the muscles to relax in between contractions.*

Finally, calcium is also linked to fat metabolism in the body, which is why even if you are aiming to lose body fat, getting in some dairy products is a wise choice.* On a fat loss diet, you will be restricting your diet to some extent, and calcium supplementation is a good option for increasing your calcium intake.


Go Crazy For Calcium

Most people are quick to think that calcium is only needed to promote bone health. While it definitely supports bone tissue, calcium is also highly important for maintaining proper physical activity as well.*

Proper calcium intake will help you get the most out of your workouts.*

Also, remember that proper calcium intake is linked to body fat - people who have proper micronutrient intake are better able to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight.* If you want to stay in top physical condition, calcium intake is a priority.*

Calcium—Not Just For Kids

Calcium supplements really are a good idea for anyone who is concerned about having a strong foundational supplement base.* On the other hand, if you are currently on a restricted diet for weight loss or if you have food allergies or intolerances, you may want to consider a calcium supplement to support micronutrient intake.*

Men and women of all ages can benefit from calcium supplements.* Calcium supplements are also quick and convenient. If you perform high intensity exercise or train for a sport, it's likely that you'll benefit from taking supplemental calcium.*

Let Calcium Help Your Health*

One interesting thing to note about calcium is that if it's taken at the same time as zinc or iron, the body will absorb calcium ahead of the other two nutrients. So it's best to take calcium separately from any zinc or iron supplements. Regular dosing of calcium supplements is 2000 to 2500mg daily. Many high quality multi-vitamins contain calcium.

Calcium is individually processed in pill, tablet, liquid and chewable forms in products like: Calcium Citrate, Coral Calcium, Calcium-Magnesium, Calcium-Vitamin D, and Calcium-Magnesium-Potassium.

Take calcium with a Vitamin D supplement or take it with vitamin D rich foods such as eggs, herring, mackerel, or tuna.