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Bio-Active Peptides (BAP's), are extracted from proteins, animal or plant. BAPs are designed to provide a supra-physiological effect that, once consumed, signals the body to amplify its natural protein synthesis process, helping you develop lean muscle and recover faster from intense workouts.



Though Bio-Active Peptides (or BAP's) were first discovered back in the late 1800's by the Polish researcher Stanislaus Bondzynski, only in the last few decades have they become big money in the pharmaceutical world, providing the peptide strings of aminos to build growth hormone and insulin, to name a few. And until now, the application of BAP's in sport performance and fitness has not been well established, at all; thus, in the world of sports supplements, the need for a new ingredient category has not arisen, until now.


Bio-Active peptides are the active, or useful portions of proteins, such as:

  • *Proline-Rich Peptides (PRP's)
  • *Growth Factors (IgF, TGF beta-2, EGF, PDGF)
  • *Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA) 1,2,5,10
  • *Lactoferrin
  • *Fibroblast-GF 11,16,30

Engineered Bio-Active Peptides (or BAP's) are extracted during a complex manufacturing method, whereby cleaved protein fragments are removed from the highest grade proteins, such as bovine colostrums, whey, or plant proteins, which are then centrifugated and micro-concentrated to form a low molecular weight, highly bio-available powder.


Bio-Active Peptides (BPAs) should be used by anyone who is interested in developing or maintaining more lean body mass and enhancing recovery from exercise or sport. This would include bodybuilders, fitness, figure, or physique competitors; and athletes competing in any sport, whether collegiate, professional, or recreational. Or, anyone who finds it difficult (or too costly) to consume higher amounts of protein in a day and would rather rely on a more concentrated form of the bio-actives the body will use to amplify protein synthesis.

Bio-Active Peptides may support your fitness goals, but should be paired with proper diet and exercise.* Read and follow supplement directions carefully.