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Natural Series Organic Superfoods, 30 Servings
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Gluten-Free Plus Contains No Artificial Ingredients, Soy Or Dairy
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Green SuperFood Capsules, 150 Capsules
Amazing Grass
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Vegetarian Capsules!
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Acai Juice, 946 mL
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Antioxidant Super Fruit to Help Support Healthy Immune Function*
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Acai Berry Diet, 60 Veggie Capsules
Helps Support A Healthy Metabolism & Energy*
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Introduction To Açai


The Ultimate Antioxidant

Açai (pronounced 'ah-sigh-ee') is a small, round, dark-purple berry - looking similar to a grape or blueberry, and is collected from the Açai Palm Tree in the Brazilian rainforests. Açai contains a large seed with a minimal amount of pulp.

Over time, Açai has become incredibly popular, and you will commonly find it in many energy juices and beverages, ice cream, energy bars, or mixed in with granola.

Read on and learn about what Açai can do for you!


Fight Stress So You Can Fight Fat*

Açai's rich amount of nutrients, good taste, and reputation for promoting health and vitality among Brazilian natives is hard to ignore.* Açai is commonly used to support multiple areas, including but not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular Health*
  • Weight Management*
  • Muscle growth and development*

Find out more about the super-fruit Açai and if you can use it!

Supplement Without The Sugars

Anyone looking to support their general health should consider supplementing with Açai.* Its super-fruit reputation means it can be beneficial for specific goals such as building muscle or losing fat to fighting stress.*

Give your body the proper maintenance and repair ingredients so you can keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Learn how to use Açai by reading on!

Supercharge Your Performance

Açai dosage recommendations can vary, but it is commonly suggested to take between 1,000-2000 milligrams daily. As always, make sure to follow any product's nutrition label exactly, so you can correctly use Açai products for the best results!